Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Saturday 6/24/17

Rain early, then sunny and warm. Puddles abounded for the splash kids. The Incurable Semantics played their down-home music. Breakfast guys returned with their great strawberry shortcake. This feels like the wettest summer weather in a long time. Large spiders and mushrooms everywhere. Trees got even greener. Love it here.

The Semantics tearing it up

People just grin at Market.

Forever lovely Imelda

Puddle Splasher of the Week

My friend Smiley keeping her hair dry-big date tonight.

Market goers discussing the events of the day.

Wells Cunningham (great name) wants berries. He has been coming to Market for years. Tells me stories of his youth on the farm-he's 93-and relates his experiences during WW2 in the Pacific. Wells is a great guy.

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