Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saturday 6/3/17

Another great weather day. We had a good crowd, even though it was the very annoying cow parade day. The "Strolling of the Heifers" is an annual event, supposedly in support of local agriculture, which has the effect of harming the very farmers that it claims to help. Several Market visitors told me that they went down to the parade, but were put off by the increasingly corporate tone of the event, and so came to Market for the more local, peaceful atmosphere. 

First pic of Imelda this season. Ain't she pretty!

Here's the Putney Co-op contingent. That's Lulu with the leggings.

Carson now sells strawberry shortcake.

Kids always know what to do outside. Adults don't need to direct them.

Pure bred Russian Rat Chaser

Lynn catches me snapping a pic.

Lily, sister of George Dutton, carrying her niece Lydia, who looks totally uninterested.

Smiling cow parade refugee.

Dude sits and listens to the barefoot clarinet player, who along with the guitar man, play a selection of old Dixieland jazz.

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