Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Saturday 7/1/17

Rain Friday. Rain Sunday. Market day-no rain. Perfect coffee and whoopie pie weather. Puddles again abounded, with young splashers in attendance. An amazingly large crowd strolled the grounds. Fahy's Fields played Irish music.
I have never believed in the after-life, but if I did, then Market would be Heaven. So when I die, "they" could rub my face in it by sending me here, to perpetually hang out with smiling happy people, and watch little kids splash in the puddles.

Jane, the most stylish vendor at Market. Hi Jane!

Here's a puddle kid.

And another.

Tatted up dude of the week.

Cute whiskers girl.

Terrie often falls asleep while standing. Stayed this way for awhile.

Amelia's first market visit this year.

Irish tunes from Fahy's Fields.

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