Monday, May 29, 2017

Saturday 5/27/17

GIGANTIC MARKET! More than the entire population of Vermont walked through the place today. I met many old friends who hung out at the booth catching up. It's why I do market-the social atmosphere there adds meaning and continuity to my life. It's great for all the little kids to be there, building memories that they will carry forever. And, the weather was perfect.

Rare recent photo of notorious 60s radicals, Art "The Eagle" Shullman, and Suzy "Cream Cheese" Bartlett. They used to spend their time as animal activists, "liberating" captive emus and llamas. Now they sell handmade tchotchkes at their rainbow-themed booth.

Maple in her Market costume. How cute.

Yet another celeb tours the market. It's none other than Jimmy Buffett! Parrot Heads Rejoice!

First appearance this season-Cindy rocking her Bad Liver t-shirt.

Kids still love donuts.

Smiley kid with Mom and Sis

Terrie stirring her pesto tortellini

Lynn and Chloe unite in stripes. Iphone has been grafted to her hand so she can't lose it.

Mom with an interesting kid-carrier

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