Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Saturday 7/15/17

Look at that! Dappled sunshine! A very busy day. We had a contingent of about 150 S.I.T. students, a combination of Mexicans and Iraqis. (S.I.T.=School for International Training). Very friendly animated kids, practicing handling US money, and working on their English. Many of them left with an ability to say "Whoopie Pie". A great musical duo played. Slow Pony did Gypsy sounding music. See video clip below.

 S.I.T. kids

 Being outside in Vermont makes people hungry.

 They eat and talk.

 More S.I.T.ers

 Meagan hates to have her picture taken. Don't know why-She's as cute as a bug's ear.

 Slow Pony-Squeezebox and Banjo
Check them out;

 S.I.T. again

Lunch under the big tree

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chloe everest said...

I was there tooooooooo