Monday, July 24, 2017

Saturday 7/22/17

Monster crowd today. Chloe spotted several of her pals from NEYT-the New England Youth Theater. It's a great theater school that trains budding actors from the local community. They put on plays year round. All the fruits, vegetables, flowers are here. Berries are gigantic. Be sure to visit while you can. 

 Dad and Blondie

 Brattleboro Comic Con coming soon. Here's a sneak peek of our own Market Avenger about to cast a stunning spell.  FWOOSH!

 Cute kid-and Mom-of the week.

 Runner-up Hairdo of the Week-runner up to...

 Tha Winnah annnnd new champ. Hairdo of the Week.

 Pregnant Lady of the Week. Not long now. That's what we need-a birth at Market!

 Rosie is most definitely the Cute Vendor of the Week. Check out her cool Greeting Cards.

Nice crowd

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