Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Saturdays to go

So I started to get ready for this year's Market- pulled my Market stuff; pots, baskets, stove, etc. out of the shed, aka one of our dead Volvo wagons. They make excellent sheds. I can roll them around into any configuration.
Seven Saturdays to go. I can't wait for site day. Its the validation of the new season, after the long cold Winter. I'll see people for the first time since last November, and meet new vendors, with their plans and dreams in hand. We could probably solve the nation's economic problems by changing to a Farmers Market-based system. Imagine buying stuff from the people who actually made it-sort of like Pa Ingalls and Mr Hanson from" Little House on the Prairie". No faceless conglomerates, bureaucrats or big Agribiz.

Farm News Update: Speaking of Agribiz, and relating to last Wednesday's post about HR 875, it seems that BHO has picked his "Food Safety Czar"(so many czars!). He is one Michael Taylor, most recently in the employ guessed it...Monsanto. Read all about it in OPedNews. I hear the sound of Roger Daltry's voice..."Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". Rara Avis

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