Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I sent for new coffee pots-have had the old ones for about 10 years, or 20 to 30,000 cups of coffee. I guess they paid for themselves.

Mud season is in full swing. I think I could build an entire car from the parts left in the mud bogs of Pine Banks Rd. My fifth grade teacher back in Jersey, Mrs O'Donnell, grew up in Mississippi. One day she told the class that when she went to school, there were no snow days (never snows in Miss), but there were mud days when school would close because of the extreme mud conditions on the mostly dirt roads in the area.
 I thought her story was quite bizzare. I had never seen a dirt road in Jersey (Roads have been paved there since the Stone Age). After moving to VT I fully understand the significance of mud and mud season.

 It would probably make for a good Stephen King novel: "Mud Season", in which cars    get swallowed by the mud, and then:
1. The cars emerge to wreak havoc on the local population, a la Christine.
2. The people in the cars come back as zombies, vampires, mutants with strange           powers.
3. After vanishing for many years, the cars  come back, their occupants sporting white hair, but  not otherwise having aged at all.

Yow! It's been a long Winter. Here are some random pix from last year.
Rara Avis

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