Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday Market 6.11.16

Hey, Great Cool Rainy Day at Market-Big crowd came out to drink coffee. Due to my booth mate Terrie's brilliant husband Dana, the booth now has a roof and after 23 years, I can laugh at the rain. HAH!
I think that people like to come to Market on cloudy drizzly days because it's better than sitting at home waiting for better weather. Anyway, it was a good day all round.
 Cute Kid #1. Looks like "Kilroy Was Here"

Two dudes-One playing a tabla, the other playing a giant sea turtle.

 The Percussionists brought along their own rain shelter/bandstand.

 Cute Kid #2. Spread Gladness.

 Cute Kid #3-with mom. Market Kids love the Camera.

 Cute Kid #4. Look at those Eyes!

 Cute Kid #5. Chicken on a Stick is the Official Vermont Bird.

This was Kids' Day at Market. The only kid to set up sold Homemade Maps of Brattleboro. Good for her! Also, Cute Kid #6.

There you have it. I couldn't decide on the Cute Kid of the Week. I don't know why Market Kids are always Cute. They just Are.

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