Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saturday 6.25.16

Great June Day. Sunny, non-humid, about 80. The place was packed again. I think this market thing is catching on. The band played down home country-funk-jazz-fusion stuff.
 The sandbox is a good gathering place.

 Shiny kids from a Stephen King novel, I'm sure.

 Pregnant Lady #1. Gave birth about 5 minutes after this snap.

 If you're pale, wear a hat in the sun!

 Pregnant Lady #2. 

 These kids grew up at market.

 Here's Lulu. Check out her website.

 Pregnant Lady #3. Reaching for a crinkle.

Weird Selfie Stick? Proving she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head? Camera set to capture alien popping out of her back? 
I got it! It's the framework to support a giant bustle in a hoop skirt- for the new reality show, America's Wildest Cotillion Dress of Atlanta. That's it!

 Norma Truckin' Through Market. You Go Girl!

 Tattoo of Northwest tribal Protective Eagle.

 Ready for the safari with that hat.

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