Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday Market 6.4 16

Great Market day-many visitors. Survived the Strolling of the Heifers event in downtown Brattleboro. 
I hear the cows ran amok, took over the local Dairy Queen-Bovine SWAT team had to move in and restore order. It was a scary prospect-Cows in riot gear tasering unruly Heifers. We should all deplore this rising tide of Heifer-on-Heifer violence.

Hat Day at Market was a rousing success.

 The Clydes playing their great Americana music. Here's a link to a performance;

 This man has James Earl Jones' voice.

 Hat-Band Hat.

Hipster Hat.

 Indiana Jones Hat.

 Who's-That-Behind-Those-Foster-Grants Hats.

 Chapeau Incognito.

 Cute kid.

 Georgie Girl Hat.

 Wells and Mahla. Wells is 92. Mahla is ready for holiday.

The Gray goes with the Purple.

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