Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday Market 6/18/16

Great Market Day-Highs in the 80s. I kept cool from the breeze blowing through my new booth, under the giant maple tree. Many out-of-state visitors. More than one told me that this is the best Farmers Market they have ever visited. Nice to hear-though we already knew it.

 Chaiwalla guy adorns his booth with swell flowers.

 There's a Cute Kid!

Mother and Child Hat Models.

 Meghan keeps her eyes closed while counting money-Just in case  she needs to-You never know.

 All who sample the Kale Pesto love it-Even if they don't like kale.

 This is the third generation of sandbox kids I have seen since I  began doing Market.

 Cute Kid dressed up in FantasyWear.

 My favorite Smiling Market Goer. Hello, Old Friend.

 "You looking at Me? Did I say you could look at Me?"

 Terrie daydreams of taking her Pesto money and buying a golf  course. FORE!!
 Meghan's vehicle. A bill up before the Vt State legislature aims to  make it a mandatory means of transportation for all. TAKE THAT,  OIL COMPANIES!!

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