Sunday, June 26, 2016

Saturday 6.25.16

Great June Day. Sunny, non-humid, about 80. The place was packed again. I think this market thing is catching on. The band played down home country-funk-jazz-fusion stuff.
 The sandbox is a good gathering place.

 Shiny kids from a Stephen King novel, I'm sure.

 Pregnant Lady #1. Gave birth about 5 minutes after this snap.

 If you're pale, wear a hat in the sun!

 Pregnant Lady #2. 

 These kids grew up at market.

 Here's Lulu. Check out her website.

 Pregnant Lady #3. Reaching for a crinkle.

Weird Selfie Stick? Proving she doesn't have eyes in the back of her head? Camera set to capture alien popping out of her back? 
I got it! It's the framework to support a giant bustle in a hoop skirt- for the new reality show, America's Wildest Cotillion Dress of Atlanta. That's it!

 Norma Truckin' Through Market. You Go Girl!

 Tattoo of Northwest tribal Protective Eagle.

 Ready for the safari with that hat.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday Market 6/18/16

Great Market Day-Highs in the 80s. I kept cool from the breeze blowing through my new booth, under the giant maple tree. Many out-of-state visitors. More than one told me that this is the best Farmers Market they have ever visited. Nice to hear-though we already knew it.

 Chaiwalla guy adorns his booth with swell flowers.

 There's a Cute Kid!

Mother and Child Hat Models.

 Meghan keeps her eyes closed while counting money-Just in case  she needs to-You never know.

 All who sample the Kale Pesto love it-Even if they don't like kale.

 This is the third generation of sandbox kids I have seen since I  began doing Market.

 Cute Kid dressed up in FantasyWear.

 My favorite Smiling Market Goer. Hello, Old Friend.

 "You looking at Me? Did I say you could look at Me?"

 Terrie daydreams of taking her Pesto money and buying a golf  course. FORE!!
 Meghan's vehicle. A bill up before the Vt State legislature aims to  make it a mandatory means of transportation for all. TAKE THAT,  OIL COMPANIES!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saturday Market 6.11.16

Hey, Great Cool Rainy Day at Market-Big crowd came out to drink coffee. Due to my booth mate Terrie's brilliant husband Dana, the booth now has a roof and after 23 years, I can laugh at the rain. HAH!
I think that people like to come to Market on cloudy drizzly days because it's better than sitting at home waiting for better weather. Anyway, it was a good day all round.
 Cute Kid #1. Looks like "Kilroy Was Here"

Two dudes-One playing a tabla, the other playing a giant sea turtle.

 The Percussionists brought along their own rain shelter/bandstand.

 Cute Kid #2. Spread Gladness.

 Cute Kid #3-with mom. Market Kids love the Camera.

 Cute Kid #4. Look at those Eyes!

 Cute Kid #5. Chicken on a Stick is the Official Vermont Bird.

This was Kids' Day at Market. The only kid to set up sold Homemade Maps of Brattleboro. Good for her! Also, Cute Kid #6.

There you have it. I couldn't decide on the Cute Kid of the Week. I don't know why Market Kids are always Cute. They just Are.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Saturday Market 6.4 16

Great Market day-many visitors. Survived the Strolling of the Heifers event in downtown Brattleboro. 
I hear the cows ran amok, took over the local Dairy Queen-Bovine SWAT team had to move in and restore order. It was a scary prospect-Cows in riot gear tasering unruly Heifers. We should all deplore this rising tide of Heifer-on-Heifer violence.

Hat Day at Market was a rousing success.

 The Clydes playing their great Americana music. Here's a link to a performance;

 This man has James Earl Jones' voice.

 Hat-Band Hat.

Hipster Hat.

 Indiana Jones Hat.

 Who's-That-Behind-Those-Foster-Grants Hats.

 Chapeau Incognito.

 Cute kid.

 Georgie Girl Hat.

 Wells and Mahla. Wells is 92. Mahla is ready for holiday.

The Gray goes with the Purple.