Monday, May 15, 2017

Saturday 5/13/17

Well, no rain, but still cold and damp. Luckily I have a stove-heated booth, and there is another stove in the booth next door. Other vendors gather around to warm their hands on the stove, and on cups of hot coffee.
Like last week, the crowd showed up late and in force. We had a down home country band playing. A few more regulars stopped by. My booth buddy braved the weather with coat and gloves, sampling and selling her kale pesto. It's a somewhat soft start for the season-still looking for the sun.

Look at that smile! Those dimples!. Terrie is a dynamo. She made my cool price cards.

Nice ear muffs. Check out the emo kid.

NECCA Circus School handed out clown noses.

Intrepid Manager Meghan hauls trash.

Last year he had the "Wheel of Bread". Now Kurt rocks the "Wheel of Awesome". Come for a spin.

Kid on the Move

Check out the Rose Petal Jam.

There's a Vermonter-Out in the cold in flip-flops.

Get your bedding plants. Put them in the ground when weather permits-Memorial Day?

Two Hits and a Miss get kids dancing.

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