Sunday, July 3, 2016

Saturday 7.2.16

Great holiday Market. The weather was perfect. Probably the biggest Market of the season, so far. We had a really good 2 piece jazzy band playing Dave Brubeck/Vince Guaraldi type music. Met some old friends. 
I noticed quite a few dogs at the "No Dogs" Market. Here's a pro tip. If someone tries to roust you and your dog from a "no dogs" area, just say that Rover is a Service Dog, and you're good to go.

Manager's booth staff, hard at work

 Father and Daughter

 Mmmm..Hot Coffee.

 Haven't posted Imelda's smiling face in awhile. Ain't she pretty?

 Clarinet and Electric Guitar. Great Jazz

John Richardson on his second cup of coffee 

Sampling kale pesto on a chip 

The sandbox attracts all the kids

Mysterious Tattoo of the Week

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