Sunday, July 17, 2016

Saturday 7.16.16

Brilliant Sunny Day-Huge Crowd-One Man Band. This is High Summer here in the North Country Brattleboro Farmers Market. Chloe the Cricket served as photo essayist, snapping everything in the place.

People like to shop. Food tastes better outdoors.

He just stood there-while she posed. You go Girl!

Little Princess walks holding Dad's hand.

Girls on the Run-In the Sun. That's Chloe on the left.

Ingrid grins while toting a child.

If you belong to a CSA, now is the time to research recipes and methods for putting food by. Your truckload of root vegetables is ready.

 When flowers bloom in Vermont, it's  like they all bloom at the same time.

 Strawberries abound

Auntie Sue Sue, incognito in her swell sun hat and shades.

Look at that Kisser!

Here's my old friend, Smiley McSmileyFace. Hi Smiley.

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