Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saturday Market 7/23/16

This was a blazing hot day-still drew a crowd. We had a great band. Also had some dude-bros walking around with a white dog. They arrived in an actual hippie-peace bus. Took me back many years...I can just hear Jerry Garcia singing "Sugar Magnolia"  Doot De Doot-Sunshine and Daydreams...

 These guys played old down home country songs. Banjo player killed it-and dig the hair! 

 Many people choose the market to take family portraits.

 Check out Ingrid with the sleeping little baby-so cute.

 John Miller grows all kinds of cactus. Must be difficult to sneak on his property at night. He just needs to find the screaming pin cushion, and call the sheriff.

 Serene faced little girl with the sophisticated sunglasses-on-head look.

 Another of John Miller's scary plants. Stephen King could do something with this, I'm sure.

 Mother and child

Norma is a vision in pink and peach, with the wide brimmed hat.
Keep on truckin' Norma

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