Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday market 7.9.16

"It was a Dark and Stormy Day"-well, not so stormy. How about "It was a Dark and Drizzly Day". Yeah, that's it. I love cool drizzly days-My sugar and caffeine delivery system keeps everyone perked up midst the gloom.
Lots of Bernie talk. Visitors see Vermont as "The Bernie Mountain State". I wonder if they think he speaks with a Vermont accent. Let's hear it-"Millionayez and Billionayez". Go Bernie!

 Talkin Bernie

 Bernie Crowd

 Cute Couple of the Week

 Cute Kids of the Week


 Took the shot and wondered aloud why the shutter delay. Girl in red says, "Shoulda used an Iphone-Nyah Nyah". Definite winner of "Smarty-Pants-of-the-Week" award.

 Picture of Sabine taking a picture-very meta.

Sabine with her beautiful hair. Hi, Sabine.

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